Adjunct Hiring Guidelines

Process For Hiring Credit Adjunct/Part-time Faculty

The following process must be followed when hiring new credit adjunct faculty. This is to ensure that we comply with the California Education Code requirements. Please allow adequate time for this process to be completed prior to the beginning of a term.

New faculty should NOT be in the classroom until ALL of these steps are completed. If the process has not been completed by the first day of instruction, a current approved substitute should be instructing the class on a temporary basis.

  1. All credit adjunct disciplines are posted online at SBCC Careers. If prospective adjunct applicants contact you directly, please have them apply online. The online application pool is available for review by department chairs. If you are the new department chair, please create a user account by going to SBCC Careers. You will then be approved as a user by HR with your username and password. You will be able to access the pool of applicants at your convenience from any computer with web access.

  2. When you enter the system with your username and password, click on “Posting” and select “Faculty/Certificated Administrator.” You will be able to view all postings assigned to you. The applications and associated documents are there for your review.

  3. If you encounter any difficulties with the PeopleAdmin system itself, please contact Candace Eckert – or extension 2730. 

  4. Once you have reviewed all applicants and selected the individual you want to hire, print all of their application materials and attach to the completed Minimum Qualifications or Equivalency form. These forms have been updated; please dispose of the old ones. Effective with the new hires for Summer Session 1 – 2016, we will only be accepting the new forms. If you need forms, please send Glenn Dixon an email at and he will send you the new triplicate form. 

  5. After you have completed the Minimum Qualifications form, forward the form to your Dean for approval.

  6. If the candidate does not meet Minimum Qualifications, an Equivalency form should be completed with your Dean. The completed form should be forwarded to the Equivalency Committee, attention Patricia Stark. 

    If claiming equivalency, attach a separate statement in the “Documents Needed To Apply” section entitled “Equivalency” in the online application. The statement presents the basis for this claim and submit supporting evidence, e.g. transcripts, publications, other documents.

    Instructions for Completing Equivalency Documentation

  7. If the applicant has foreign degrees or earned a degree from a school which is unfamiliar to you, contact Glenn Dixon, Ext. 4254 or  before offering the applicant a position. Foreign degrees must be evaluated by an outside agency prior to MQ determination.

  8. Once a Minimum Qualifications or Equivalency form has been completed, signed off and returned to the Human Resources Department, a packet will be mailed to the applicant. It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact Glenn Dixon to schedule an appointment for processing after the forms are completed (i.e. LiveScan for fingerprints, Freedom from Tuberculosis).

  9. When the new adjunct has been entered into the Banner system an email will be sent to the Department Chair with the new instructor’s K# and Pipeline address. A K# will not be issued until the instructor has completed all of their required employment paperwork and has been cleared by HR to be in the classroom.

  10. The Department Chair should notify the Scheduling Office and the Dean by email with the relevant information regarding the new instructor.

  11. Contact Glenn Dixon, Ext 4254 or if you have any questions regarding this process or if you need assistance.