Attendance Policy

HIT/CIM Attendance Policy

The HIT/CIM Department strongly encourages students to log into their registered courses at least once per week. Individual instructors may require more frequent logins, as outlined in their course syllabi. Students are responsible for reading and following all information provided in the course syllabus.

Students enrolled in HIT or CIM courses are responsible for following the attendance policy guidelines. If students do not follow the guidelines, they are subject to the following:


Students will be dropped from HIT/CIM courses if they have not logged into their course prior to the drop date. For drop date information, please refer to the current Academic Calendar.


Beginning the day after the drop date and continuing until the official withdrawal date, students who have not logged into their course and/or have not completed any graded coursework during a one-week period are subject to involuntary withdrawal from their course. For withdraw date information, please refer to the current Academic Calendar.