Safety Marshals

SBCC Safety Marshal Program
Safety Marshals are SBCC employees who serve as a building / area Safety Marshals with the primary role of facilitating the safe and orderly evacuation of buildings during emergencies. Each one has a "red bag" click here for a list of items that should be in your safety marshal kit.

Three levels of information flow: Floor Marshals report to Building Marshals, who report to their assigned Zone Marshals. This tiered structure is to ensure that timely and accurate information is ultimately communicated to the SBCC Emergency Operations Director, Incident Commander and/or Emergency Operating Center in the event of an emergency or disaster. Safety Marshals are not expected nor required to put themselves in danger nor to conduct search and rescue.
Safety Marshal Duties:
A Safety Marshals main duty is to facilitate the safe evacuation of campus buildings.  Each Marshal has been assigned a back-up in the event of their absence, as well as a Safety Marshal Kit (Red Bag). When an evacuation is necessary, Safety Marshals are responsible for:

  • Facilitate the safe and complete evacuation of campus buildings to designated or nearest Evacuation Zone.
  • As directed, assisting the Law Enforcement Official or emergency response personnel in preventing entry to assigned buildings or floors by non-emergency responders until the affected area(s) are deemed safe.
  • Reporting injured or trapped persons to Law Enforcement or Fire Department emergency responders and the Santa Barbara City College Emergency Management Coordinator.
  • Providing emergency First Aid to victims as qualified or necessary.

Safety Marshal Structure and additional duties:
Floor Marshals
The Floor Marshal is the first tier. Floor Marshals are responsible for the appropriate emergency response steps to ensure all information regarding the status of their assigned floor’s status or evacuation has been reported to the Building Marshal, or in the Building Marshals absence, to the Zone Marshal.   

Building Marshals

The Building Marshal is responsible for managing the evacuation of assigned building(s) and ensuring all information regarding the status of their assigned evacuation area(s) has been reported to the Zone Marshal, or in the Zone Marshal’s absence, to the SBCC Emergency Services Director or designee.
The Building Marshal, in consultation with the Zone Marshal, is also responsible for:

  • The coordination of information dissemination
  • Ensuring evacuation of floors in their assigned building, and the duties of evacuation if there is no Floor Marshal.
  • The assurance of their buildings Floor Marshal training.
  • The dissemination of emergency procedure information to faculty, staff and students as directed.
  • The ability to assume responsibilities of the Zone Marshal in the event he/she is not available during an emergency.

Zone Marshals
The Zone Marshal in consultation with the SBCC Emergency Operations Director and Security is responsible to coordinate non-tactical emergency response operations within their area of responsibility.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • The coordination of emergency response steps and information dissemination between the Santa Barbara City College Crisis Action Team or Emergency Operation Center and assigned Building and Floor Marshals.
  • Coordinate the recruiting, training and equipping of the Building and Floor Marshals within your area of responsibility.
  • Maintaining an up-to-date list of Building and Zone Marshals in their area of responsibility.
  • Ensuring the Building and Floor Marshals regularly inspect their areas of responsibility, confirm locations of Fire Extinguishers, and maintain their Safety Marshal Kits for proper emergency response capability.