Art Department Overview

The Art Department’s mission is to provide students an innovative and comprehensive foundations level education in Art and Art History. Our faculty foster material experimentation, creative thinking, intellectual rigor and an informed world view. We encourage debate and exposure to differing viewpoints as an essential part of artistic and academic growth. The department is committed to inclusive pedagogy and works toward the success of every student.

We offer multiple modality learning environments through a) an art studio or art history curriculum for Art majors b) a structured program for majors from other departments such as Multimedia Arts, Interior Design, Graphic Design or Photography or c) as an important complement to coursework for students in a wide variety of majors across the SBCC campus. The department offers courses in two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, drawing, painting, printmaking, artists’ books, ceramics, sculpture and art history to provide the student a full background and the necessary training to either transfer to another institution or proceed independently. Our students regularly move on to art schools, four year institutions and professional careers in a variety of creative fields. We also have exhibition and professional development opportunities available to students through our Atkinson Gallery programming and lecture series. 

Art History faculty hold PhDs and Studio faculty hold MFA degrees and also maintain their studio practice as an integral function of their commitment to solid pedagogy. Each full time faculty acts as coordinator of the following media specific service areas.

Joy Kunz, Art History
Stephanie Dotson, Printmaking
Armando Ramos, Sculpture
Christopher Ulivo, Painting
Stephanie Washburn, Drawing

Atkinson Gallery

The Atkinson Gallery is SBCC's showcase for the visual arts and an essential component of the Art Department. The Atkinson hosts up to six contemporary art exhibitions each academic year that feature regional, national and international artists working in various media and styles. These exhibitions allow students to directly engage with expert examples of what they learn in their classrooms. The gallery also hosts a series of public lectures by artists and art historians regarding their work and current issues in the field. The Atkinson's director leads student and community groups to discuss programming with a focus on visual literacy and critical thinking. Our annual student exhibition allows students to participate in a professional art exhibition with artworks produced as part of their coursework. In addition, through the gallery's internship program, a group of students are selected each year through a competitive process to work in the gallery where they gain hands on training in curating, research, marketing, exhibition design, and arts administration. The Atkinson Gallery maintains a vital connection to our local community with unique programming that is free and open to the public.