Admissions Application

Options for Submitting an Admissions Application for Fall 2021 Courses During the COVID-19 Campus Closure

Option 1

Submit an Online Admissions Application
Click on the link above to submit an online admissions application. If you have completed credit courses, adult high school courses or tuition-free courses in the past, you WILL need to complete a new admissions application if it has been longer than 4 months since you were last enrolled. NOTE: you will need a personal email account to complete this application.

Option 2

Submit a fillable PDF file Admissions Application

Click on one of the links below to download a fillable PDF file to your computer. You can then complete the admissions application and save it to your computer.

PDF applications/registration forms emailed between July 6 (noon) and July 7, 2021 (noon) will not be processed until noon on July 7 in the order they were received and based on course availablity at the time of processing. 

Then, simply attach your application file to an email and send it to Admissions for processing.
SEND PDF Application to:

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